Synthesis Review of Transition and Sustainability for the Global Fund


Since the release of its new Sustainability, Transition and Co-financing (STC) policy in 2016, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF) has invested heavily in analysis, technical assistance, and country and partner dialogue on STC. The GF Secretariat’s desired to conduct a synthesis review of the experience to date with the implementation of Sustainability & Transition (S&T) country “preparedness” or “readiness” assessments and S&T Plans developed with the support of the GF over the past five years.

Through this study, Pharos aimed to answer the following key questions: What are the main topics that have arisen across the S&T portfolio? Have certain topics recurred everywhere or almost everywhere? And what are the main recommended actions emerging from the Transition Readiness Assessments (TRA)? How good is the quality of the work? Which of the assessment tools (and modified versions of these, plus “add on” modules) have proven to be most useful? What should the Fund do in the future to derive the greatest value from the S&T tools and processes?


Our team reviewed 39 documents covering 23 countries, employing a custom-build Excel based instrument. We analyzed multiple aspects of the documents including the S&T issues and challenges facing countries, the main emerging recommendations, the quality and coherence of the risk analysis and formulation of recommendations, and the process behind the conduct of the S&T assessments and plans. We also examined the tools employed, including the assessment guides developed by Curatio International and Aceso Global/APMG. To enrich the desk review, we carried out a series of semi-structured interviews with GF staff from the different regions of the portfolio and from UNAIDS.


The TRA and S&T planning processes, tools and products have evolved significantly over the past five years, starting with the pioneering work of the GF and Curatio in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Transition Readiness Assessments have led to Sustainability Assessments, S&T Roadmaps/Work Plans, and other products which have stimulated changes in government policies and programs to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria and have enriched subsequent Global Fund grants. Some of the key recommendations of this report were included as the “Sustainability and Transition Risk Assessments and Plans 10 do’s and don’ts for country stakeholders and consultants” Annex in the new Global Fund STC Guidance Note.

Status: Completed

Team Members Involved: Daniel Arias, Walter Gabriel, Diana Gonzalez and Robert Hecht

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