Pharos has offered our deep experience in disease control, health systems strengthening and resilience, pandemic preparedness, and policy development to assist governments, philanthropic and global health institutions to cope with the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic.

We have worked on and remain available to work further on the following initiatives:

  • Development of Covid control strategies, mitigation of secondary and subsequent infection waves
  • Rule-out testing and design of safer back-to-work strategies
  • Creation of evidence-based Covid-control strategies for developing countries tailored to their local context and health system capabilities
  • Design and assessment of strategies for safely reopening the economy
  • Data and analytics to support guideline development and policy change
  • Development of tools and programs to strengthen high risk and community-level testing, contact tracing, and isolation, and treatment
  • Analysis of the costs and benefit-cost ratios of Covid prevention measures

COVID-19 Projects


Media Mentions