About Us

Who We Are

Pharos Global Health Advisors is a non-profit policy and advisory organization based in Boston, MA, whose mission is to save millions of lives on a large scale in low- and middle-income countries by focusing on emerging issues in global health that keep us two steps ahead of the field. We use data and analytics to help our country and donor partners make sound decisions in the allocation of scarce financial and human resources. Our staff and experts bring a unique blend of knowledge, skills, and passion for our mission to bear every day as they take on the biggest challenges in global health and support government and donor clients as well as affected communities.

What We Do

Building on the many decades of experience of its team, Pharos seeks to maximize health gains and improve the lives of people in low- and middle-income countries. To do so, we build customized solutions for each client and project, employing a range of methods including program performance review, disease and cost modeling, cost-effectiveness and priority-setting analysis, and strategic options assessment, to zero in on game-changing issues in global health. Building upon our top flight analysis, we further distinguish ourselves from others by undertaking intensive policy dialogue with senior decision makers throughout each engagement, starting with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and ending with an in-depth discussion of recommendations and a decision on the way forward.

How We Work

Pharos distinguishes itself from other policy organizations by employing an expert-led model. For each engagement, Pharos assembles a diverse team of consultants with extensive experience who drive the bulk of the work themselves, supported by limited numbers of Pharos junior staff. This model allows our clients direct and ongoing access to a network of world-class experts in the fields of global health, decision sciences, and organizational strategy and effectiveness. We continue to adapt to evolving demands, including conducting numerous successful projects through virtual means.

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