In Senegal, similar to South Africa, we have supported the development of a five year action plan for HBV and HCV and have completed a full costing of the plan as well as modelling of the projected impact of the plan. We have supplemented the short-term analyses with the design of scenarios for HBV and HCV program scale-up beyond the five-year plan. We have then estimated the long-term costs and impacts of these scenarios as well.

We are currently focused on developing a resource mobilization strategy to support the Ministry of Health’s efforts in closing the financing gap needed to fully implement the five-year plan.

The photo below is from a meeting in April 2018 where Miloud Kaddar represented Pharos at a meeting finalizing the five-year plan and costing. Photo credit: Senegal Ministry of Health.

Team members: Diana Gonzalez, Lindsey Hiebert, Miloud Kaddar, Stephen Resch, Shevanthi Nayagam, Alistair Heffernan, Rob Hecht

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