Sustainability Action Plans for HIV and TB in Peru, Paraguay, and Suriname


Peru, Paraguay and Suriname are among the first countries in Latin America to require Transition Readiness Assessments and Transition Plans. Indeed, the Global Fund first piloted its Transition and Sustainability Diagnostic Tool in Paraguay. The Global Fund wishes to continue this effort to support the development of concrete, realistic, and costed Action Plans for the sustainability of their HIV and TB responses. The Action Plans are to guide the implementation of critical national recommendations within the next five years.

The Global Fund requested the support of Pharos Global Health Advisors to develop the Actions Plans and to present the key recommendations to top officers at the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance for formal endorsement. Pharos will also assist the Global Fund to incorporate key recommendations into the next Global Fund grant agreements through the development of the terms of reference for the Technical Assistance suggested in these plans.


Pharos worked closely with the CCMs and the recently formed Transition Working Groups to update and prioritize sustainability risks and recommendations. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the economics and health systems of the three nations, but with varied significance. At the time of the project, Peru had the sixth highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world, while Suriname’s economic situation, already weakened after 2014’s economic recession and poor public financial management, had been aggravated by the pandemic. However, Paraguay is also the only country that will experience transition from the Global Fund financing for TB in the short term. Therefore, Pharos worked with each country to develop plans that maximize their approach in their own national contexts.

Status: Complete, January 2021

Team Members Involved: Robert Hecht, Catalina Gutierrez, Claudine Hammen, Lorena Prieto, Daniel Cotlear, Pedro Bivona and Diana Gonzalez

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