Global Fund Seventh Replenishment Investment Case: Pandemic Preparedness and Response


The Global Fund’s new Strategy calls for greater investment in pandemic preparedness and response (PPR). While the Fund has already contributed to areas relevant to pandemic preparedness through investments in resilient and sustainable systems for health, comprehensive prevention efforts to protect against and respond rapidly future infectious disease outbreaks of pandemic potential will require significant additional investments in LMIC capabilities.


As the Global Fund prepares for a potential future role in PPR and seeks support in its Seventh Replenishment, Pharos was asked to build upon our recent work on a Thematic Review of PPR for the Fund and develop some of the supporting analysis behind areas for additional PPR investment, their costs, expected benefits, and the key reasoning for GF leadership and financing in those areas.

Pharos’s strategic advisory and technical analysis support included the following:

  1. Development and further specification of the PPR packages that the Global Fund may finance in coming years, so that costs can be reasonably estimated and the corresponding impacts/benefits/returns estimated.
  2. Research and conceptualization of the returns to those PPR packages, making explicit the methodologies and assumptions used.
  3. Assessment of the relative advantages of channeling proposed PPR investments through the Global Fund compared to other mechanisms in terms of speed, efficiency, and other dimensions of performance.
  4. Development of inputs to the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Investment Case, including cost tables, technical briefs, PowerPoint slides and graphics, and draft sections of the Investment Case.

Status: Complete, November 2021 – January 2022

Team Members Involved: Robert Hecht, Grace Chen, Jake Gehri

For more information, contact Robert Hecht at [email protected].

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