Pharos supports NGOs and family foundations focused on nutrition to develop and strengthen their organizational strategies, and to use evidence and cost-effectiveness analyses to make better and more informed decisions on how to deploy resources to achieve greater impact. Pharos has developed dynamic models that can allow organizations and advocates to estimate and optimize the health (e.g., mortality and morbidity) and human capital outcomes (e.g., years of education gained, productivity, lifetime earnings) that could arise depending on a given set of nutrition interventions, delivery costs, and underlying risk factors.

Nutrition Projects

Modeling optimized treatment for acute malnutrition for ALIMA

Costing an Integrated Package of Maternal and Pediatric Interventions in Rural Niger

Scaling-Up Access to Prenatal Vitamins for Kirk Humanitarian

Assessing Challenges and Opportunities with the ICDS Scheme in India

Developing an Investment Case for Nutrition International

Defining Strategic Options for the Micronutrient Initiative